Man cannot live without love, that is a proven fact.
Love comes in various degrees: relational and passionate love.
For me, passionate love means Martial Art, nothing comes between.
The origin of the Monks from the Shaolin Monastery (Buddhist temples), the Eastern arts, meditating, their philosophy of life. For them, respect!
I am a big fan of eastern history with old stories based on truth, without ego.
Listening to the stories makes you dream away.

The saying 'wisdom comes with age' is appropriate for me.
In honour of my father, after a considered decision, I have lovingly accepted his wish to practice our Martial Art.
I faithfully follow 'the white line' in the style of my father and in the style of my mentor Jim Bax.
I have learned a lot from them and about life. I am a privileged person. A great wealth!
I wear them both with respect. Credit where credit is due. Two very unique people! A great loss.

Growing older with exercise makes you physically stronger. And meditation gives you inner peace.
Whatever happens around you, you keep your head cool.
Plato plato is the Indian way of saying calm down.
What attracts me to Indian culture is the warmth, the modesty, the commitment.
The oriental culture with the food, the krontjong music, the Indian rock bands, the dance.
I am proud to be an Indo, I love Indonesian food. And in the variety and versatility of preparing dishes at JENs-style.
Whatever the pure dish, cooking works for me therapeutically.
From less to more, a creative challenge! The right taste is what it is all about.
I feel honoured when I hear the happy faces with the quiet sounds of tasting. A nice compliment!

Various kinds of peppers are used during the preparations.
Chillies come in many varieties and spiciness: Madam Jeanet, lomboks, rawits.
I mostly use lomboks and rawits for my dishes and for making fresh sambal at JENs-style.
One person likes it less spicy and another likes it more.
I always add a jar of sambal during a meal for my guests.
A few friends are coming over and they love my cooking.
To spoil them, I am making a SPICY TEMPEH dish.
Spicy tempeh with pandan rice, atjar and emping. A colourful and fragrant whole.
First toast with champagne and then attack.
Chatting, laughing and especially being together while enjoying good food.
To me, good food is at JENs-style, an exotic enjoyment of the tongue.
Prosito! To a tasteful gathering.