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WELCOME at JENs KookFun🍯

JENs KookFun🍯 for every purse, convenience for young and old.

For all JENs-lovers❤️ and enthusiasts to share its food creations.
FOOD with its rich history, tradition, many recipes. It excites the senses through smell, taste and how it looks.
It's also enjoyment, being together, sharing, giving pleasure.
Looking for inspiration? Check JENs accessible Meal prep dishes. Also ideal for one-pot meals
Deliciously healthy, varied, easy and above all enjoyable with JENs delicious recipes and so much more.

Weekly cozy cooking together at KokenmetJens with fresh recipes.
Nice that you are there too! Delicious, filling belly(s) with the most delicious dishes.
Would you like me to make a recipe for you too? E-mail or leave a comment at @Jenskookfun.
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Translated into English, Dutch and Hungarian. 

The website translated into Dutch, Hungarian, English now also into Greek (on subpages).
For the other desired language, click on the corresponding flag.


JENs loves food, is a gourmand and loves diversity. 
She loves to cook for her guests, with passion from het heart.
Delighting the palate is paramount. That's what JENs is all about.
Tastes differ in food for verga(n)s and for omnivores.
JENs cooks creatively, a pund for every mouth with a spicy bite.
Everyone likes to sit down at JENs' table. Delicious food, being together, conviviality and with good conversations. Table set, the dish(es) ready and feasting away.

JENs TWEETJES regular a Tweet more. Fresh produce from the garden on your plate, every day. 

Conceiving, testing, preparing and tasting dishes to lick our fingers.
prefers to cook with fresh produce from local farmers and fresh from her garden.
How her love for food came about? Klick on 🍽️


An eventful life brings sheen, poignancy and change.
No day is ever the same. JENs takes you through moments from her life. Not VLOGs but BLOGs.
Sundays at 9 a.m. she dishes up a culinary mix with a hot touch for everyone.
You can follow her weekly on FACEBOOK and INSTA. Nice that you too are traveling with her!
For KokenmetJENs click on @Jenskookfun.
A triple celebration, when you visited JENsTill than!

Do you have any great food tips or suggestions? Send JENs a message.
JENs may be busy cooking or testing her recipes. She aims to answering within 48 hours. Till JENs at JENs KookFun🍯. 

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