Every season brings a cheerful tune.
Winterproof past, she enters the new spring with a sunny start.
After the winter, mild temperatures are just around the corner. That makes everyone happy.
Strolling through the garden, playing golf, cycling, walking - in short, something for everyone.
A new smile every day.

Like a 'diary tour de France', I cycle through the daily routine with a smile.
I don't need a pilot's licence, because that goes on the automatic pilot.
I used to be so allergic to the word diary or ignored its existence.
With the rapid rise of mobile phones, items have changed at breakneck speed.
Unnoticed, we go along with this acceleration.
I have even pushed back my boundaries by using the diary on my mobile for 'things to do'.
Always a hustle and bustle of planning in its JENs: new meetings, family and friends. This richness moves me.
Just like with music. Dreaming away or singing along with passion, from the heart.
Cooking at JENs-style, with music in the background, swinging.

Today was a special day with my cousin Daniel.
Because I am in a sweet mood, I think up a dish with tomatoes in it.
A double taste feast with a matching wine.
We saw, smelled and tasted various wines.
After the wine-rich finale at a beautiful winery, I start working at home at JENs-style.
Daniel hands out everything and I stand behind the cooker.
While cooking, we each taste a glass of the chosen wine.
The nice thing about family is, it's always good when you come in. It feels familiar.
Hospitality, cosiness are powerful elements that come naturally to us.
So nice to share this with each other.

My nephew, like me, loves good food and today he is the test subject.
The recipe with the sweet-tasting tomatoes is simmering gently in the casserole.
The fragrant vapours of fresh herbs, the tomatoes, aubergine, pointed cabbage, the aroma meets us.
When the BRATWURSTFUSION dish is almost ready, I put fresh eggs, peeled, on top.
We eat basmati rice with it, delicious in both smell and taste.
While toasting, Daniel says to me: "Prosito on JENs KookFun🍯. We will feast again.