It is an old saying, but a fact: "A day without laughter is a day not lived".
Humour is very personal, every person has his own taste.
For me, humour is in a small moment.
Sometimes humour is on the 'street' or you just laugh at bloopers.
Laughing is very healthy, has positive effects on both our body and our mind.
What more could a person want? Laughing costs nothing and it is free.

Talking about bloopers.
Recently I had my shopping trip, along the farmer, the butcher and the grocery store.
First to the farmer, for potatoes, then to the market for fruit.
On this early morning, I walked towards my car with a large paper bag of fruit.
It was a short walk to the car park.
The fruit bag felt heavier and heavier.
Because of the rush, I had not divided the fruit into two separate bags. My own fault.
Anyway, it was good for the arm muscles.

I enjoyed the short walk with the sun on my face.
On the way, I almost bumped into an old friend, whom I had not seen for a long time.
At that moment, the overweight bag of fruit tore and everything fell gently to the street.
That was an unusual entry. I thought to myself "oh oh that's typically JENs".
The reaction of the acquaintance was hilarious.
We laughed so spontaneously about the fragment, my day could not be spoiled.
The friend still had an empty shopping bag and I was allowed to keep it.
With a belly ache from laughing, we picked up the fallen fruit together.
Some of the fruit was still dangling in the paper bag. Most of it still looked good.
He helped me carry the bag of fruit to the car. A real gentleman.
Cheerfully chatting about this and that, we said hello to each other.
It is always nice to meet people who are open and cheerful in life.
A friendly face opens many hearts.

Back home, I put away the groceries.
I put the fruit that was still good in a cool place near the kitchen for later.
Fortunately, there were a few pieces of purse, but I could do with that at JENs-style.
I cut them up and put them in the blender.
I added full-blown yoghurt and cornflakes and turned the blender on a gentle setting, up a gear.
Finally, I added a teaspoon of honey and some orange segments and that was that.
A delicious dessert fruit at JENs-style, tasted like an extra bonus.