Often you are lived by obligations, the laws, the rules.
This weekend I realised that free time is a broad concept.
This weekend with varied items did wonders.
An afternoon in Amersfoort looking for a pasta machine. In the evening, a visit to the sauna.
The next day, a walk in the woods. And to finish it all off, a cosy visit to my eldest brother.
Like time flies, so also this weekend had passed.
I have enjoyed myself thoroughly. My wallet less so, but that should not spoil the fun.
Even when you are away from home for a longer period of time, you imagine yourself in another world.
You forget your daily worries.

Travelling to faraway countries or in Europe makes it special with what you see and experience.
You are away in a new environment. The feeling of being free is enhanced.
When I was younger, I never felt like going back home during a distant journey.
Making the most of the moments, typically JENs, soaking up every moment.
I thoroughly enjoyed travelling, the countries, the culture, the encounters, the food.

When you get older you realise 'the grass is greener next door'.
Adding a spring to your age has its charms. You start to appreciate things differently.
When coming home, it is now 'as the clock ticks at home, it ticks nowhere'.
The feeling 'I am HOME' cannot be expressed in words!
I can safely say that I am a satisfied person. I know what I have.

Wherever I have been, coming home always makes me hungry.
Whether at night or at what time I return, my ritual is to go into the kitchen.
Everything is always freshly prepared for me in advance. Your surroundings know you best.
I always make BAKED SHRIMPS the JENs way, with sauce and French bread. Yummy!
A delicious cava to go with it, to conclude a beautiful travel story.
Enjoying the meal afterwards, in a JENs style, always gives me a blissful big smile.