Spending time in the garden also gives a holiday feeling.
I have the place all to myself.
Enjoying lunch, a croissant with goat's cheese and a slice of bread richly filled with a tomato omelette.
Fruit is kiwi and freshly squeezed orange juice.
Enjoying the silence, the sound of the birds, I doze off to a slow sleep.

After ZENJEN-chi, a bit active and rooting with my hands in the vegetable garden.
So nice, the fresh herbs and vegetables within reach.
A few days without vegetable garden attention means weeds.
Who knows? A little attention every day is rewarded.
The result is amazing when the herbs and vegetables do well.
The vegetables I do not have I take from the farmer and make a diversion.
Just as honey is healthy, I drive a few villages away to buy it.

Tonight we are celebrating the annual get-together with friends.
A kind of reunion. Seeing each other again, catching up, updating.
Under the guise of 'American party', everyone brings a home-made dish.
The toasting is always done with a refreshing dry cava.
Traditionally, I make a fruit salad and decorate the whole thing.
For me, it is always a lot of fun in itself, and with good music, I float on.
This year's theme is 'dressed in yellow', the colour of the sun.
So we will have a lot of fun when we meet again. True friendship is a great thing.

The weeding is done and I enjoy a good glass of viognier.
In the meantime, I make a well-filled BROWN BEANS COCONUT.
Tomorrow I am going to visit my friend Leonie, who unfortunately cannot be there.
I take this tasty BROWN BEANS COCONUT with me.
The dish is ready and it smells delicious.
After it has cooled down, I put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

By now, the garden and the living room have been decorated in theme.
A warm welcome, feels like a warm bath.
I have time and after having changed my clothes I feel fresh and fruity in the JENs way.
The outdoor table is beautifully decorated and looks inviting.
They're coming in an hour. I am looking forward to it!
Everything looks sunny. A bright and festive welcome.