Sometimes, unnoticed, you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Balancing energy for mind and body can be decisive.
Healthy food and exercise are important to stay in shape.
There are many different ways to eat, just as there are to move and relax.
I experience golf as relaxation and you move in nature, in the open air.
In this technical sport, you can only 'judge' yourself if your strokes are not up to standard.
Sometimes I prefer solo golf to company golf.
Just to unload and reset your thoughts.
For me, relaxation also means enjoying the little things.
Listening to music moves me. Guilty pleasure keeps the soul alive.

The weak laugh. Going crazy at unexpected moments.
Moments are recordings and sometimes it's nice to capture them on a photo or a film.
Time is irrelevant, that is a broad concept. Only Father Tick knows the secret.
Worrying too much makes little sense, I like to leave that to others.
Now is now, the day unfolds by itself.
You cannot escape certain obligations. And structure gives peace.
I try to plan everything as much as possible so that I have an overview.
The leisure activities, relaxing with pleasure gives energy.
For me anyway, creative cooking and Martial Art are a part of my life.

Today I moved the daily training well before lunchtime.
Leaving the hours behind me and the cup of mint tea, I focus on the training.
At that moment, I leave myself in my own world and work up a sweat.
After each training session, I feel reborn. Training makes you hungry.

I don't have to cook for anyone else, so an easy meal for me.
In the kitchen, I have everything ready to make the nasi.
I'm in the mood for NASI MACKEREL on JENs. Simple but nutritious.
For me, I never make it too spicy otherwise it dominates the dish.
It is better to taste a few bites first, than to immediately get the flame in the pipe and numb your tongue.
Less is more and that tastes like more.
NASI MACKEREL at JENs-style with homemade prawn crackers, heavenly!