FINALLY, the time has come. The old-fashioned way of travelling by car across borders.
The advantage is that we can go wherever we want, and take each other's place during a long journey.
First we ordered some items online before leaving. A (wo)man had to do what (s)he has to do.
The holiday suitcases packed and of course a well-stocked cool box for the hungry moments.
Fresh rolls with goat's cheese, roast beef and pate. Cappuccino, grapes, apples, liquorice and bottles of water.
After a hearty breakfast, including my daily kiwi, we left at dawn.
A relaxed itinerary with pit stops to stretch the legs.
On our way to Hungary, where I have never been before.

As far from being a morning person, the anticipation soothes the sleepy feeling after waking up.
On the way to the unknown.....
Who would have thought it or could have imagined it? Hungary! The miracles are not yet out of this world.
Hungary, a beautiful country with warm-hearted people.

The travel time flew by, and when I got home it was a fantastic feeling.
A midweek break, how we enjoyed it!
Travelling makes you hungry and to prepare a quick meal I make SPICY VEGATABLES.
It tastes so good, it's finger-licking good.
A good glass of wine to toast Hungary.
After a long period of time, it has become our new home.

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