• JENs KookFun Uniek + Magnifiek.
  • YAMMIE recepten. Hoe maak je het?
  • Gemakklijk voor jong & oud.
  • VERS van de pers op je bord.


Cooking is the common thread in my life and that is how the love for JENs KookFun🍯 started.
So many dishes prepared, recipes tested and shared in creativity.
I am a real Indo, an omnivore and love food.
The versatile piece of meat one day and delicious vegetarian moments the next. The products as fresh as possible.
Every day a new experience in Asian, Dutch or from whichever country.
I like variety, also with food. Talking about it, tasting it, it's always about food.
Giving shape to the days with the pleasure of eating.
When I look back at the many preparations, these periods have flown by.

The nice(st) reactions. I couldn't have wished for a better start to JENs KookFun🍯.
Despite the ringing of my alarm clock, waking up every day with a big smile.
For me, JENs KookFun🍯 is a varied pleasure, creative and good for the spirit.
Doing what makes you happy and what suits you is my motto. Everything at the right moment.
Getting on the train at the right time to reach your destination.
The same goes for cooking, with the wide range of flavours and choices.
Every day a new day, with a generous smile.

I always look forward to my daughter and grandchildren.
For me, it is a celebration when I hold them in my arms at that moment.
Life is unpredictable and that can make it so special.
I never knew what 'being a grandma' meant and now, I don't want anything else! And how beautiful they are.
I am not a standard grandma, just the JENs.
I go to swimming lessons with the youngest every week.
With the two of us we have a little party, JEN-style.
A nice chat, an apple, fun for 10 and then off to swimming lessons.
Afterwards he proudly tells us 'what he can do'.
When we get back, I usually join them for a bite to eat or I cook for them all.

The boys have been asking for weeks: 'Grandma, when are you going to make your SLOW PAPRIKA'S?'
That is an honour for me that they like it so much and appreciate it.
A smile from a child, makes you realise that you are alive' (Willie Alberti)
Next week after swimming lessons, I am gonna cook SLOW PAPRIKA'S for the boys.
I'll go to the shop and get a bowl for my daughter.
I'm going to cook for her, so she can have this bowl as a surprise.
SLOW PAPRIKA'S at JENs style, I feel like cooking for them.