JENs KookFun🍯 is all about eating, cooking, baking. Enjoying and sharing together.
Times have changed at a rapid pace, so has the mode of sharing.
The mainstream we can no longer ignore.
Discovering Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, among others, how it works and what you can do with it, is a quest
and a study in itself. From 'not seeing the wood for the trees' to stiff-necking'.
Just like the journey through YouTube. Like a bird flying in the sky in search of the right destination.
Once settled in the right place, 'grounding' takes its time.
After sweating and toiling, you can be proud as a 'non-mainstream techie' that you succeeded after all.
And YES. Done it, did it, been there. Discovered the mainstream. I finally did it! Also with the weekly brand new
" on YT@Jenskookfun from 12:00 pm. Recently the 1st video. How fun is that!
Practice makes perfect, that way you learn a little more each time.
'We're never too old to learn,' Daddy used to say wisely.

Delicious dining or together with family, friends where you forget the time around you.
As an evening person, dawn is not my strong suit.
It takes a while for 'my machine' to get going.
I start the day with a regal breakfast like a queen.
Good building blocks give energy to be 'ready to go' fresh and fruity afterwards.
Fresh orange juice and cappuccino works wonders for me as less of a morning person.

My brain never stands still. Perhaps creatively recognisable.
I plan weekly to-do items and always sit down for a while.
Add the diary, plan and get some inspirations. Creatively, I work out the activities.
Which food mode my taste buds are in is sometimes unpredictable. During breakfast, I usually know what dish I will make in the evening. And sometimes I come up with a supersonic gourmet dish a few days in advance.
I use these at the moment when the taste buds are tongue-tied and asking for it. It has always been that way with me by nature. No day is the same.
Getting creative, how nice! I usually have meat, fish and the essentials.
From the vegetable garden I pick the fragrant herbs and vegetables for the recipe of the moment. And garlic from the locals is always delivered fresh. Garlic is healthy, good for the circulation and sooo tasty.

It brings spontaneity and gives a rich boost.
Tonight comes Annemarie, a good friend. We haven't seen each other for a long time.
To save time, I have an easy sauerkraut recipe ready on the shelf. Delicious Sauerkraut Ovendish.
Especially for her, this dish is so named because she lived in England.
I can't wait to taste the oven dish. She loves this dish.
When she arrives, the food is ready and we can go straight to the table. The pot of sambal made-by-own there as a bonus.
I greatly look forward to when she arrives. Old-fashioned catching up with a good glass of wine. The old fasion way, lovely!