Spring has arrived. The trees are in bloom. Colourful to see!
The weather is as changeable as humans. So it rains, snows, thundershaws or the sun shines. No two days are the same.
The preparations for the vegetable garden are in full swing.
The seeds have sprouted and the small plants have been transplanted to larger pots.
They are now relaxed in front of the window in the light to grow. Another month and they will be vegetable garden ready.
Lovely prospect when they will soon be ready to eat. Yummy!

The new day unfolds with a generous smile.
These surroundings energise me like 'wings'.
Under my beloved spot, the beautiful big velvet tree, I write regular recipes.
Thoughts then fly and swirl through me with a recognisable sound.
I hear birds around me, happily twittering. Seems so cool to be able to hear what they are talking about among themselves.
Dawn with fresh coffee and fresh fruitbowl, my brain settles down.
I get happily excited while working out my recipes. Ohhhw... How I feel like making them!

Hanging in a patch of grass, I look into the sky through the big branches of the tree.
It is so special nature, which I love.
Thinking of my son Jeremy, whom I miss intensely. 'How would it be with him up there?
How would it be, if we were laughing together side by side on this grass, chatting, enjoying each other's company in silences'.
The loss remains a deep wound. As his number one, I feel he is with me wherever I am.
This particular tree feels connected to him. It gives me some peace in that.
I know Jeremy is proud of me and I am convinced, we would prepare many more dishes together.
He was also eager to learn, loving and had a great sense of humour.
What fun we would have together and Rock&Roll with JENs KookFun.
A gourmand in yummy appetites, Jeremy was no stranger to. Fried katjangs he also loved.
This snack always brings me a smile while preparing it. I then see his sweet smile.
A child's smile makes you realise that you are alive. This song by Willie Alberti continues to touch me and remains contemporary.
Cooking with Jeremy in my heart, many delicious dishes flow through the pans, prepared with love and passion.