The sun shows its happy face again from dawn.
Latte machiato with it and enjoy the birds chirping and singing.
A wealth to wake up like this and start the day peacefully.
Under the imperial velvet tree I quietly write and create my recipes, ideas arise such as the
home&interior designs that I save for the right moment.
So nice to be able to be outside. The beautiful weather is a very pleasant bonus.
Like the sounds of the birds sound like a happy sound. Richness!
It sounds like music to my ears.

In music, I can lose myself sometimes.
Even if some lyrics sound simple. It touches a sensitive 'chord'.
With some songs, I can dream away. Or if I'm in a different mood, for instance with Prodigy on
their hit 'smash my bitch up' or on house music, with the volume turned up, I go wild.
With most types of music, I happily dance along to the rythm beats.
Classical music gives me peace and ZEN.
Music gives and has so many dimensions, it is part of it.
All types of music are appropriate in moments, taste, feeling, to listen to or to dance to.
Time flies when you're having fun.
Items perish but music will last forever!

Music to me is like a good wine.
You can also enjoy good wine so much. At any moment: in company, relaxing music, over dinner or just for the sake of it.
Talking about wines. I went to Eger.
Eger is a beautiful area with many wine regions and so much more.
At winery Egri Korona Borház I bought their Chardonnay.
This one goes perfectly with the delicious Spicy Bami, which I will make soon.
This recipe makes many happy and I am also happy to share it with you.

I am making the delicious Spicy Bami as a taster because my sister Lindy is coming to stay, so great.
I'm really looking forward to it! Cosy and finally together again.
Lindy is more than my sister. She's my friend, we have so much fun together and we're always there for each other.
I have the sweetest and nicest sister, brother-in-law and nieces in the whole world!
When I stay with them, it's always super fun with the family, we have a lot of fun.
With my brother-in-law Nils and my nieces Amy and Robine, it is then a festive get-together.
Nils always pampers me and with the Queenies we have our girls-things.
Of course good food and wines-wines-wines for the adults, is part of it.
And in momentum we watch a TV programme, where tears trickle down our cheeks.
For treats there for the jaws and enjoy the evening. Delicious!
When Lindy arrives, the yummy dish and a cold Chardonnay are ready as a welcome, a warm reception.
How she will savor the delicious SPICY BAMI.

Being able to laugh together,
be able to cry together.
Such a special sister, such a dear friend; I wouldn't want to swap you with anyone.
Even though I don't say it every time,
I love you every single day.