I was born in a time when there was still a lot of respect for fellow human beings.
People spent more time together and cared more about each other.
I remember when a black and white TV was a treasure. It was a time when Polygoonnieuws newscasts with
Laurel & Hardy, Floris and others. Then came the color television, which was really cool.
The news and entertainment programs on TV disappeared like snow in the sun and were replaced by one-sided media and repeated, copied TV programs.
So nowadays people hardly watch television anymore.
But when Max Verstappen comes on screen, I'm right in front of it, watching.

When I was in elementary school, I walked to school (and back) with my classmates for about forty minutes.
In those days, long walks were almost common.
We didn't get any pocket money. You only got a present from your parents for your birthday.
For my 10th birthday I got a folding bicycle, which I was very happy with.
Finally I didn't have to walk to school anymore.

My father took my pregnant mother to the hospital on a cargo bike to give birth to my oldest brother.
We didn't have a car, but we had a Solex. To transport my mother on a Solex was impossible.
Solex was a common means of transport.
Today it is more of an attraction item. Sightseeing tours are organized on this nostalgic transport.
Scooters are modernized nowadays.

On the street we played can kick, rubber bands, ball games on the sidewalk. In the evening with the family goose plate, cards. Communication is now called Mainstream and there is less real communication to be encountered.

I appreciate the respect and the time back then, the nostalgia that "happiness was common back then".
For us, rice was our daily food. I learned to eat potatoes. And now I'm a fan of it.
Delicious in Dutch style! There are more than 4.000 potato varieties worldwide. The choice is huge.
The same goes for the different types of rice and the many dishes you can make with it.
Come to think of it, I'm hungry for an EASY NASI lunch for lunch. I'm going to work.