I am staying at my sister's house. She is on holiday for a week.
A nice village, where I like to stay.
Every advantage has a disadvantage.
Sleeping in on Sundays? Forget it, you are woken up early.
The church bells wake up the whole village at the top of their voices.
And believe me, it is very early then.
Lying down makes no sense, cappuccino does for waking up.

In the garden, I enjoy listening to the sound of the happy birds around me.
After breakfast, I take a relaxed walk into my day and start working on a new recipe.
I go crazy on my laptop and see all the goodies pass by in my head.
I become more and more enthusiastic. Tomorrow, I am going to try out this recipe. Exciting!
In the meantime, I answer the whatsapps. My sister is coming back tonight.
Lindy asks 'what are we going to eat later on?
And I answer 'on JENs style, let yourself be surprised. See you tonight'.

I never know in advance what we will be hungry for later.
The taste buds are as changeable as the weather.
It is always a creative art to think of what I will put on the table in the evening.
Spontaneity, a beautiful trait. Just do it. We already have so much to do.
My appointments in social life are in yin-yang proportion.
Going out with a good friend the old-fashioned way.
What I like about him is that I don't have to plan anything.
When we do plan something, we arrive at the location a fraction of the time later.

Spontaneity brings a lot of fun: encounters, humour, history and enjoyment. Also when travelling.
I can still clearly remember my solo trip through Thailand.
Travelling around with a heavily packed backpack, travelling by bus, boat and on foot.
The encounters, each with their own story. Nothing planned, lived through carpe diem.
This journey is worth its weight in gold. A book that never gets finished.
This gives me the idea of preparing a delicious Thai curry at JENs-style.

I pick what I need from the vegetable garden and go inside.
In the fridge there is tofu, in the pantry the vegetables I bought at the Toko.
With the fresh herbs from my garden, I prepare everything.
No rice, no potatoes, but JENs-style a CURRYSOUP.
I quickly prepare the prosecco, so we can toast to our sisterly love.
When Lindy enters, she is beaming, exactly what she hoped for.
JENs prosito! To our love' and with a big smile I get to work.
While cooking, we wine and dine and talk about everything.
So enjoy. My sister Lindy, the best! I don't want to swap her with anyone.