A much-discussed topic, winter. 
The winter snow brings, among other things, snow fun, throwing snowballs, ice skating, fireside fire.
An old-fashioned Dutch phenomenon. Great!
Perhaps ice skating with lots of snow fun. 
Ice skating is not for me, the fun in the snow is. I like to leave skating to others.
I'd rather be on the golf course. But that's not an option for the time being. Now I enjoy the beautiful white views.

I had winter tyres fitted to the car well in time. It makes driving a lot more relaxing.
Recently, I had a business meeting with a hotel manager. It was a pleasant conversation.
I can agree with the way he describes this company. 
All facilities are available under one roof, with refined allure in beautiful surroundings! 
When I travel a lot for work, I always try to stay in these kinds of hotels, where service and quality are of paramount importance. Unfortunately, when I pack my suitcase, my own bed does not fit.
The most important thing I take with me, my sleeping pillow, I absolutely cannot live without it. 

A good night's sleep is the basis of rest.
I like to arrive at my appointments refreshed and ready to go.
Today, I have an appointment in Maastricht and have, of course, booked an overnight stay.
Afterwards, I enjoy the city and its splendour for a while and treat myself to a good supper.
After a satisfied feeling, I fall asleep like a log.
Arriving home early from the pleasant journey, I hit the couch.
Later I will enjoy a movie. Which one it will be, that is still the question.
First I prepare everything before I go couch-hugging, fresh sandwiches, tea and chocolate. I am ready for it!
After the morning film, I think up an easy recipe for tonight.
It is going to be rice with SPICY CAPUCHINS.
It's so easy to prepare and so ready to attack. 
While enjoying the delicious meal, I enjoy the winter view.