It is always pleasant when I regularly visit my uncle.
An amiable man who always remains himself, never focused on the outside world.
He knows exactly what is going on in the world.
Together we see that too much has happened and is happening around us in a short space of time.
The 'sitting on each other's laps' is a new tendency due to the current politics, the one-sided media, the endless climate dummy's and so much more.
I see the sadness in his eyes. Very understandable.
The older generation fought for the Netherlands. Helped to build the country.
Unfortunately, none of that remains. Even they have to join the back row now or they are forgotten.
Under the guise of 'who are those people anyway?

When I am there, he forgets the (war) times of the past and we have a lot of fun together.
He always calls it JENs party. And enjoys it to the full.
He never answers the phone because he doesn't want to miss anything of my company.
We talk endlessly. About politics, entrepreneurship, life, JENs KookFun🍯.
It's very nice to understand each other in a neutral and respectful way. Taking the time to listen to each other makes it so inspiring. You learn so much from each other. Thinking logically offers perspective, gives space.
I can enjoy people who live life in a healthy, pure way.
I am in the habit of making a Dutch dish the way I like it, with a spicy bite, of course.
Last week I spoke to him on the phone to make an appointment for today.
As a joke, he could choose from a number. Each number had a different dish.
I heard him laugh, 'that is typical for JENs. I will go for number 5'.
And indeed, SPICY SAUERKRAUT dish he was hoping for.

Today is his day. Dutch food.
Whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring, a spicy sauerkraut at JENs-style tastes good.
How he always calls it 'JENs party'. He smiles from ear to ear.
I put the delicious SPICY SAUERKRAUT that remains in the fridge in a sealable container when it's cooled.
He is looking forward to enjoying it again tomorrow.
We drink delicious tea together after and I greet my uncle 'until next week'.
These are moments that I cherish and will never forget.
It's nice to be able to give a loved one a festive feeling. A great gift.