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JENs Wallet technical. 'looking at the little pennies'.
The benefits are XXL enjoyment and cost-saving. Possibly in combination with a JENs recipe.
The latest recipes, one more in time. Enjoy the taste pleasure at JENs KookFun🍯.

RECIPES OVERVIEW. Click on the desired recipe or TOPPER (picture).
Listen to the recipes and hands-free cooking (per recipe 2300). In Dutch and English spoken.

2206. Beans Tofu

2210. BeanMix     

Dutch sauerkraut with spicy bite. 

Stir-fried turnip with rammenas.

2218. Mixed Curry

Juicy enjoyable mild curry. 


Listen to the recipes and hands-free cooking (per recipe 2300) In Dutch and English spoken.

2300. Peas Party

Sole yummy peas mix. Delicious!

Varied fresh feasting with the Bean MeatMix on your plate.

Juicy Brussels sprouts prepared in delicious peanut sauce, delicious!

Spaghetti on variety with a spicy bite.

2305. ChardTour

Potatoes from the oven with fantastic chard dish.

2306. JENs Goulash

Goulash with meat and vegetables fragrant in a spice palette.

2307.  Katjangs

Fresh katjangs home-fried sooo delicious, tastes like much more.

2308. Tahoe 

Tahoe an explosion in the mouth. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Tempeh so fantastico yummy and easy to prepare.

This dish is SO juicy to munch on and with your hands.

This quick supersonic chicken soup is SO delicious and healthy.

2312. BBQ CarpFish

BBQ spicy CarpFish dish.
To lick your fingers off.

2313. Spicy Bami

Spicy Bami highly recommen-ded and prepared quickly.

2314. Jivy Omelet

The dish is like Rock & Roll enjoying a Jivy.

Delicious tender chicken dipped in spicy beer sauce.

2316. Juicy Stew

This great tasting dish is an absolute hit and worth repeating.

2317. Babi Curry

Fantastico gourmet dish. 
You just have to taste this!

2318. Pom

Surinamese POM in JENs style with juicy chicken and meat.

2319. Vegan Curry

This dish is packed with flavor and super healthy.

Comfort food also ideal for one-pot meal (prep meal).

Tongue-tingling insanely delicious.

This BOTERKIP is SO tender, full of flavor.

So delicious, you have to taste this... !!!

2324. Funky Ribs

An insane dish. It tastes like more!

2325. Meat & Balls

A funky dish. It's like you're in 7th heaven.

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