I have love for my the fellow human being, especially the ones who I love.
My daughter and my sister are both my warm family and best friends.
Each in their own way.
I consider myself a happy and wealthy person, with a lovely family and wonderful friends.
In the diversity of friendships we share our bond 'through thick and thin'.
Accepting each other, communicating, listening and mutual understanding.
Even if you differ in way of thinking and characters, respect and appreciation is a great asset. Laugh together, cry together. Delicious!

Pronouncing the word choice 'friend' is such an easy automatism. Of course you can be wrong sometimes. There is a nice word for it and it is called 'letting go'. After all, it's all about smooth interaction.
You have to earn friendship and that starts with trust.
After all, trust is building.
Loyalty and discretion are as clear as day. That's how my friends know me too and mutually, otherwise the substantive meaning of friendship is unworthy.

Wherever I stay, I always meet people of all different degrees.
A spontaneous life also brings pleasantly warm surprises. Recently in Greece, where I enjoyed the Mediterranean climate.
I met lovely people Maria & Babis, Christos. A unique friendship with mutual trust and respect has proven itself in a short time. Special to experience this too!

My friends, with whom I each have a 'story' and have built the ultimate 'through thick and thin', with the 'common thread' being sweet and pure.
Especially for all my dear pure friends on this planet.
Even though you live far away, you are always close in my heart.