• JENs KookFun Uniek + Magnifiek.
  • YAMMIE recepten. Hoe maak je het?
  • Gemakklijk voor jong & oud.
  • VERS van de pers op je bord.

In between recipe development and cooking. JENs KookFun🍯 moved to Hungary.
As a result, JENERATION is temporarily offline. After all, moving takes up a lot of time and as you know JENs KookFun🍯, quality goes before quantity. The last items packed. Ready to go!
All's well that ends well. Stationed, settled and happy.
JENERATION is back home for all new recipes in Dutch and English spoken.

Arrived at the destination.
It immediately feels like "home.
A period off, the renovation is in full swing. 
A temporary place to stay, close to home.

Sometimes things go well and sometimes they go badly.
Part of the kitchen is installed.
Cooking is not in it for now.
Creative outdoor cooking for now. 


A good ending to the old year.
After a spirited "delivery" of over 9 months, the time has finally come. 
All pots, pans and cooking utensils are settled in the new kitchen. 
In this fine setting surrounded by its beauty, fresh inspirations for recipes emerge.
JENERATION settled again in spring. Till then!

JENERATION is fresh & fruity settled.
Listen to the recipes with JENeration at its JENs.
With your mobile in your pocket and earbuds on, you can shop and prepare the dish hands-free.
Spoken in Dutch and English language.
Go with the flow. Till JENERATION!


The beautiful velvet tree in the garden.
Radiates peace and strength. 
My dear son Jeremy, wherever I am, you are always with me.

🌹22-07-1988 / 03-10-2004🌹